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CrewBoss - Fire Rehab Trailer Kit

The Rehab Trailer stores and transports everything from both the Vehicle and Kart Kits. It's all organized in one custom support trailer, easily towed to the fire ground by any vehicle with a tow hitch. With a standard size of 6'W x 8'L, the Rehab Trailer is available in several sizes to create a custom vehicle for rehab operations.

The environmentally controlled space features a removable 8? storage bench with seat cushions. Quickly clear the trailer of equipment by rolling out the Kart and removing the bench. The Rehab Trailer can be operational on-scene in just minutes and carries everything needed to help you meet the NFPA 1584 Standard.

The Rehab Trailer interior space is outfitted with:

  • Air conditioning and heat
  • Multifunctional exhaust fan
  • Ceiling utility hangers (for IV bags, air masks, etc)
  • Multiple wall hooks
  • Privacy curtains
  • Completely washable interior surfaces

The trailer exterior has such operational features as:

  • A hand washing sink
  • HO scene lighting
  • Low level perimeter lighting
  • Turn-out gear hanging system
  • Auxiliary outlets
  • Generator storage
  • Exterior access door to the inside storage bench
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CrewBoss - Fire Rehab Vehicle Kit

The Rehab Vehicle Kit is easy to transport by pickup, SUV, rig or even the responding ambulance. Just two crewmembers can set up our rehab system or one member can get things going.

The entire Vehicle Rehab Kit is stored in heavy-duty vinyl bags, with multiple webbing handles for quick access, handling and portability. Leave the Kit on the BC or Safety vehicle, or store on the floor in the station and grab it when needed.

  • CB16 Shelter
  • Seating for responders and paramedics
  • Medical supplies organizer with hard writing surface
  • Crowd control gear
  • Toilet with separate privacy shelter
  • White board kit
  • Portable hand washing station
  • Cooler
  • Towels
  • Storage for your food and water supplies
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